Why is music so important?


Music, a very high spiritual level. In ancient Greece, music was referred to as divine, superior and sublime.

Even today, music occupies a considerable place in everyone and every age. The music is an international language that connects people and cultures from all over the world. and now its available online! You can even buy soundcloud plays online on the net.

Since the smartphone entered our lives, music has become more accessible and easier to choose. We can choose the 100 most played songs in the world, can choose a particular type of music or music by years and more and more.

But one very important thing happened, we rarely consume music in the environmental space we live in.

Since the smartphone has a tiny speaker or headphone connection, we use these options to listen to our music and thus hurt the experience, reduce it and worst of all, we think this is the case and this is fine. But it’s not …

If we use the excellent source called a smartphone, and connect the smartphone via wireless communication (Bluetooth, or WI-FI or its simple cable that costs NIS 10) to our stereo or home theater system, we will have a completely different listening experience and exhilaration. Fill us out.

Music is the same music, but it is important and desirable to connect it to a source designed to play it.

It is true that most of us have a home theater system that is not used and here is a little tip that will change the situation from end to end. Connect your TV and converter directly to the system, and practice yourself to hear TV using the receiver. It’s simple and cheap and makes a huge difference. What is needed is to connect an optical cable that costs NIS 50 from the converter to the receiver. Or connect an HDMI cable from the TV to the receiver. (Some technicians are able to reconnect the system for only 250 NIS)

After two days of listening through the receiver, try to hear only through the TV, and then you will notice the huge difference! Audio quality in sounds and in such a different experience.

The dimension of sound has a huge effect, it changes the viewing experience and the listening experience to the end-to-end music. And of course our mood goes wonders …


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