Why do we need professional chiropractors?


Thoughts on medicine and healing have taken place in my life ever since I was a child. When I learned that chiropractic is an internationally recognized field of first-class care, I decided that this is the area I want to study. I did a seven-year curriculum at one of North America’s best-known and well-known colleges, and I could immediately start helping people without drugs, surgery, injections and tests, except through contact, conversation, questioning, proper nutrition, exercise, awareness and listening to anyone. I knew in my heart that this was the right profession for me.

Seven years, I was told, we will not learn how to care. This can be learned in three months. Seven years we will spend learning what not to do and what not to move so as not to harm the patient. I started doing this at school and every day, ever since, the chiropractor in me is improving in his ability to diagnose what is bothering the body from removing his patients.

In my system, pain and illness are caused by imbalances and blockages in the nerve channels leading from the brain to the spine. When spinal cord aberrations are created, a blockage condition is created that affects the area where the blocked nerve is responsible, resulting in pain and disease. Chiropractic helps locate the vertebrae that have moved away and delivers them gently to their original state, and the complementary treatments I advocate strengthen the internal muscles and organs until they reach a healthy, balanced state. Once the patient presents himself and his problem to the chiropractor, treatment begins. The chiropractor examines the patient – his posture, body tendencies, body language, gait, standing, stiffness and openness. While questioning and coordinating expectations, the chiropractor and patient learn to know each other. In the conversation, the therapist reports to the patient whether he recognizes and recognizes the type of patient and whether his condition is dangerous and requires drug or surgical intervention. You can get excellent advice online on how to avoid back pain, you can see this resource from excellent Dubai Chiropractic.

Today, because the public awareness of the field of chiropractic is still in its infancy, most patients come after visits to a battery of doctors and specialists, after taking medication and receiving injections and surgeries. Usually, these are people who have raised their hands and therefore come in extreme situations. At this point, the chiropractor explains the difference between treating symptoms and treating health, treating the cause of symptoms that interrupt the flow of optimal health in the body. A symptom is a healthy defensive response of the body to maintain, preserve and prolong, and does not require treatment.


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