What the importance of organic food?


We’ve all been hearing about organic food lately, most of us don’t understand what this is about
And what is the difference between the usual fruits and vegetables we buy at the grocery store, and organic fruits and vegetables?

Not many people today know how to grow vegetables today. Most of them think of green fields and fresh air. But the reality is very different. Most vegetables are grown in greenhouses on detached soil, which is simply a large pot full of different chemicals that simply cause tomatoes or cucumbers to grow quickly, and grow to never reach them naturally.
This causes a number of things most of us know

  1. The vegetables look big and beautiful
  2. They do not have the taste and smell of the real vegetables.
  3. They are usually stored longer in the refrigerator.
  4. They contain less vitamins and minerals needed for our health.
  5. They are sprayed and contain remnants of various toxins.

The importance of organic food is that it grows naturally and contains everything it needs to contain naturally, its growth does not accelerate in artificial processes, does not spray it with various toxins and generally looks smaller, but much tastier than the regular products sold in markets.
When vegetables grow normally and normally, they have time to absorb and assimilate all the vitamins and minerals in the fruit or vegetable body.
In contrast, the fruits and vegetables fed by fertilizers are destined for most of the fruit’s power to grow fast, and as we all know these fruits look big and beautiful but tasteless.

In fact, the world’s organic fruits and vegetables do not appear to be growing very much because this method of breeding naturally produces fewer fruits and vegetables per acre of land, so that in order to feed the entire world’s population we will always have to keep growing in greenhouses and artificial fertilizers that it is better to eat such fruits from starvation.
But you always have to know what is better and what is less and try to choose the highest quality according to our financial ability.

Today, the organic sector has also invaded the egg and chicken and beef industry.
For organically defined birds, they are allowed to roam freely in the yard and not in the narrow, stifling cages. Almost all of us see the cows grazing on the Golan Heights. And it’s called organic meat which means cows grazing in the wild and not in the dense and dirty farms.
These things help to put less antibiotics and injections into birds and cows because they live in better conditions and therefore their meat quality is also higher.
In other words, meat with less toxins is cleaner, and healthier.

In conclusion
We can’t all buy organic food all the time, but you have to try to consume them from time to time to know what fruits and vegetables really need to be and what their real taste is.


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