Learn to fly at 50 – the best birthday gift


Age 50, what fun! We have already built and done and built and ran and now the kids have grown up and left home, the mortgage has been paid off and it is time to have some fun. Many of us go with the dream of flying a plane, but we never had the time, or the financial means to make that dream come true, for that is exactly where age 50 comes from!

So here it comes, and you, or someone dear to you, are about to celebrate 50 and you are looking for this special gift, which deserves to be given to this special age. And a private pilot course is indeed a worthy gift full of experiences, excitement, coping of the pleasant kind and lots and lots of pride with passing the various stages and reaching the desired license – the one that will allow you to rent a plane and fly family, friends and friends in the country or abroad.

So how does it work you ask? Simple – pick up the phone and make an appointment with a flight instructor at the airport, sit down for a cup of coffee and hear all the details – how long will it take, how much will a private Jet Hire cost, what do you do with it afterwards … Pamper yourself with a gift? – An introductory flight is scheduled, one in which you receive instruction on how to operate the flight attendant and board a half-hour flight with the flight instructor. You are guaranteed many first-hand experiences and you will also be impressed by how you feel in the air and how attractive the idea is to you. The gift is not for you, but for someone else? Buy him a voucher for the introductory flight and he will be able to redeem it at a convenient time in coordination with the flight instructor.

We went through the introductory flight and decided to go for it? – Some bureaucracy in the Civil Aviation Authority, some investment in learning the theory subjects, and we are already in the practical lessons, learning to control the plane, take off and land, fly at night, navigate and many other interesting topics.

But before that – after about 15 hours, the solo – one of the most powerful experiences of your life that you are guaranteed to accompany you forever – only you and the plane in the sky, are responsible for your fate without a guide in the chair next to you.

The course will pass while you are already waiting for the next lesson, and here it is over and you are already before the practical exam with an examiner of the Civil Aviation Authority. You’ve been through, and you’re already a pilot for everything.

Private flights in the past were only for the rich, today the situation is different in many ways
Private flights today are cheaper than in the past and now both private individuals and small companies can
Easily book a private flight.

If you are considering a first class flight or a business class flight for several people it may be better to rent a plane for a private flight.
This is because of both the convenience and the costs, in the plane itself you can determine how many people will cost and if so
When flying for several people, the cost of flying in a private plane may cost you less.
Also the level of service in the aircraft used for these private flights is very high and these aircraft are equipped with a level of equipment
High of a five star hotel.

The aircraft that are used for private flights are modern aircraft and although they belong to private companies they are safe
No less than planes that fly from large airlines.
This is because these aircraft must meet all the required standards of the Ministry of Transport and the Aviation Authority.
Nowadays these planes can take you to destinations that ordinary passenger planes cannot bring you or simply
You will be required to take a connecting flight, which increases the cost of flights compared to private flights.
Many companies today use private flights for business purposes for company employees and customers with whom they are
In a business relationship.