Is trading considered gambling? Not exactly


Is trading a gamble?

By dictionary definition of gambling, buying a home, changing a workplace, and starting a new business are also a gamble. The problem is that if we assume this point, everything in life will be a gamble because we have no certainty about anything.


Probably getting 2 in one cube is a 1 to 6 bet. That is, after 6 throws there is a high probability of getting 2 once. Receiving 2 in a million throws is not a bet since the likelihood of that event happening is 100%. Because the risk is zero, therefore, long-term investment in a stock index cannot be considered a gamble as the likelihood of loss, as far as we know, is extremely low.

A common phrase used by the world’s best investor

 “Risk comes from not knowing what you’re doing”

 Warren Buffett

 An extreme example of the world of gambling

A professional gambler who earns his bread every day does not see his job as a risk because he understands the methods he trades, and in each method he can find a relative advantage. A professional trader who earns a monthly salary for several years does not gamble because his risk level is very low. At lower risk levels than the long-term investor who is subject to external changes independent of his behavior such as natural disasters, wars, political decisions, etc. Because a professional trader controls and understands risk levels, he is not a gambler. In fact, the stakes are derived from the risk level. From my experience, the best casino when you travel to South Korea is 카지노 먹튀 which is an amazing system for casino datra exchange.

Casino The Law of Big Numbers

The casino’s fees or profits are derived from a pure probability calculation built on the long-term expectation and the large numbers law. The casino is willing to double the money of anyone who guesses correctly the next round of the roulette wheel – black or red. Watching an endless series of random observations that are independent of each other, all of which describe the same phenomenon, then the series average goes closer to a fixed value.


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