How to select your next jewlery store?


Diamond jewelry is a product that is not often bought, and in light of this fact most customers who enter the various jewelry stores, do not know what to ask for except for descriptions such as: diamond “beautiful, large, shimmering, clean .. etc.”

Here are some tips for making an informed purchase of diamonds and in particular wedding rings:

  • You paid cheap You got cheap: If you bought a diamond-studded ring at a price 40-60% cheaper than the rest of the competition, there may very well be a good reason, or rather a worrying reason why the diamond is significantly cheaper. Diamonds can be compared to cars, if there is a car whose market price and demand are high, and is “free from accidents and defects or significant malfunctions” then there is no reason for the above car to be sold at almost 50% of the market price. Containing defects, or diamonds that have undergone various chemical treatments or drilling, these diamonds are usually not worth the price they are asked for, their durability in the test of time is questionable, and if you want to upgrade or sell the ring, there will be almost no one willing to buy it. And even at half the price you paid. On the other hand, if you buy a diamond that is smaller in size, but at a level of cleanliness, color, and polishing at a medium level or higher, it is an investment for everything, which does not depend on the test of time .. As said: diamonds are forever, and it is true, , But by a different diamond.

Gemological Certificate – It is highly recommended, on the verge of necessity, to buy at a jewelry store that provides a gemological certificate next to each diamond or engagement rings set with diamonds. The gemological certificate is produced by expert institutes for evaluating diamonds, and these will not endanger their status and reputation, so what appears in this certificate in the vast majority of cases is what you will pay for it. The whiter the diamond, the more color it will return and the more it will sparkle.

  • Return Policy – When purchasing, find out what the jewelry store’s return policy is regarding wedding rings, engagement rings or any jewelry set with diamonds. Usually a reputable store that operates in full transparency and has nothing to hide, will be ready to get the jewelry back and win with you, without unnecessary questions, usually within 30 days from the date of purchase. If you pay by credit card, it is advisable to make sure that there is no interest on the payments, a significant number of jewelry stores offer between 6-24 interest-free payments.
  • Customer reviews – it is important to do a market survey before entering a particular store, it is recommended to go to well-known stores in the field and reputable, such stores will usually not risk their reputation for profit from a transaction that is not “kosher”, and will prefer to give you full details of each purchase. Even if it is significantly cheaper than the usual market price.