How to design the lightening in your house


Renovating the house? Who does not dream of the amazing home he will have in the future? Perfect design for the way a home should be, from every possible direction. The thing is that no matter how much we may invest, most of us lack the professional knowledge, experience, or patience to plan it all – so we choose to turn to experts for help.

Want information on lightening ? Don’t know how to design the lightening in your house?

Here are some tips to help you get started in architecture.

Architecture is a field which is divided into several general categories: general building architecture, building interior design and landscape architecture. First, approach the building architect, who designs the building on its parts, taking into account the appropriate combination of aesthetics and usability, in addition to trusting all the designs that each building needs, such as plumbing, electricity, lighting and gas.

Interior designers are the ones who are in charge of making the interior spaces of the building ergonomic and beautiful, with the adjustment of the furniture items, structural and decorative elements according to the role of each space – house, restaurant, commercial area store and more.

Finally, landscape designers adapt the planned building environment to the terrain conditions and customer preferences – from choosing appropriate soil types and plants, to choosing shade solutions, creating details with water and plants, combining aesthetics and rocketiness.

Pixel LED lighting – Stained glass at its peak when there is direct sun on it. See the first stained glass – located in the ceiling in the skylight. Receives sun all hours of the day. Colorful light is thrown into the building space or on the walls. The stained glass itself is dynamic. The stained glass itself also changes. When we change the angle of view we can discover surprises.
Stained glass with artificial lighting should be placed in a closed light box so that the light is concentrated in the stained glass. By the way, this is also true of stained glass in the window [all light is concentrated in it].

The nature of the building – it is mandatory to refer to the character and architecture of the building. No rules of thumb can be given, but it is mandatory to learn the structure. Rounded or straight lines – modern and clean compared to authentic [Moroccan or Arab style and more …]. And if you have no idea – we will sit, ask and reach the goal.


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