Can you earn money from casino?


Yes, I want to collect money from the floor. A thought that everyone is running and looking for the answer. Looking for the ways that will allow him to make more money than he has. I arrived and found the most accessible and fastest way to make money through trading in the capital market.

But wait, if this is the easiest way to make money, then why are most people unsuccessful and most lose money. Why do most people think the capital and stock market is a casino?

There are a few main reasons:

The public invests money on the stock exchange based on recommendations and “tips” they hear from friends and experts. A difficult mistake. As with any other professional area, no one makes decisions that affect the conduct of their business and financial activity based on rumor or recommendation. Decisions are made on the basis of personal professional experience only.

Those who decide to invest in knowledge accumulation, however, are in most cases given training and tools that are irrelevant to the market situation and the many changes that have occurred in recent years, such as trade volumes, US and European crises, automated computerized robot trading and e-commerce advances and advanced trading platforms like  카지노 먹튀

The majority learn technical tools and oscillators that do not ultimately help make correct trading decisions. It is simply much easier to teach technical analysis than to read numerical data that represents the real trading behavior at any moment.

At the end of one or the other course, the majority sit down at the computer positions and try their luck at the market. They make the decisions themselves without help or ongoing support. The ego plays an important role, which prevents people from consulting others. Everyone thinks he is special and different from the other dealers. You believe you are a serious, disciplined person who acts and responds based on rational decisions and not emotional decisions. You quickly learn to recognize the painful reality and it is that you are no different from anyone and you are not acting professionally. The result is a financial loss from stock exchange trading.

Those who still manage to survive long enough and gain trading experience, realize that success in trading depends almost entirely on self-discipline and control of the emotions involved when exposed to the market. You can make money in almost any “trading” method that statistically gives a positive financial expectation. Still, the majority do not earn.


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