How to build your own home gym

Have you ever thought about how much money you paid to the gym today to all the subscribers you did? Even if you belong to the best case and you have taken the subscription and have arrived at least four times a week to the gym, and even if you belong to a less good case of those registered to the gym went several times and the rest of the year continued to pay to the gym without visiting it once. To date, you have been able to save the money you spent in the gym and purchase home fitness equipment and build a home gym.

A fitness center compared to a fitness center

At the home gym you will not have to pay a month each month (unless you pay for the devices in installments but also in this case the payments will end and you will stay with the appliances in your home), commit to the gym every year, wait until the users finish their training and be limited while you Can work on the device and have qzz in your life. In your gym you will hear what music you want and with whatever volume you want, you will decide if the air conditioner will be on and as many degrees as you want and you can wear any sweatsuit you want.

There are no people around you, there is no queue for gyms, there are no hours at the gym, there is no limit to hours, so there is no excuse for time and many other excuses that are made daily by gym members. You can also buy an above ground pool – and have your own pool 24/7 at your home!

Everyone knows how important exercise is, how much it contributes to the quality of life, and home fitness equipment will allow you to exercise. The same home gym will be next to you all the time, so you will not be able to excuse various excuses and not get in and practice.

Home gym – price

There is no need to purchase expensive and sparkling exercise equipment so you can see the results of the training or to feel that you have practiced, you can purchase basic training equipment and your financial ability to add more and more devices. The cost of a basic home gym for two people practicing at home is cheaper than an annual gym membership for one person (the average annual cost per gym per year is NIS 3,500).

Home Gym – Which Devices Are Important?

Basic devices vary from person to person as needed, and different devices (in some types of training) are needed for men and women. The basic equipment suitable for both men and women includes a training mat (price range from 50-100), a rubber band (25-30 NIS), weights (the price depends on the weight and ranges from 10-50 NIS), Pilates Ball Its price ranges between NIS 80-120) and more.

The most popular fitness equipment in the home gyms are: electric treadmill or running track, punching bag, cross trainer, exercise bike, hand weights and a multi-trainer.

Before buying a fitness device, consult the seller at a fitness shop to explain how to work with the device. If there is an explanation tape, purchase it as well. Remember that there is no guide and no one to guide you. It is important that you work correctly and do not work wrong. Buy the weight you put in the same home gym, so you can track your weight and see if it has changed after training.